Final countdown begins with eight candidates vying for five seats on Narrogin council

Eight candidates will vie for five seats at Saturday’s Shire of Narrogin council elections. To learn more about each candidate, we asked them the three questions below. Some responses were edited for space.

1. What are the three most pressing issues facing the Shire of Narrogin at the moment?

2. Do you think the Shire of Narrogin has shown a lack of leadership on any particular issue? Which issue?

3. Which four people, living or dead, would you invite to your ultimate dinner party?

Roxanne McnabRoxanne Mcnab.Camera IconRoxanne Mcnab.

1. Waste management: how can we become a more sustainable town? CBD: what can be done to encourage more businesses to open in town utilising our empty shops? Shire-owned facilities: how can we maintain our existing facilities to ensure they are always kept at a high standard?

2. Being in a position of leadership is a hard job that can come with a lot of criticism. I feel the leadership we have at our Shire to be one of the best. I think this can be recognised by our existing councillors wanting to stay on council. We all have our own issues that are usually areas we are involved in or that affect us in some way. The Shire have the job of trying to address all these separate issues and that is why I feel having diversity in our councillors is so important.

New council members bring new points of view that will contribute towards keeping the council on target with the community concerns.

3. My husband Barry, my late mum Allisann, Sir David Attenborough, and Princess Diana.

Michelle ParkerMichelle Parker.Camera IconMichelle Parker.

1. Communication: Contentious issues could be avoided with a healthy dialogue that included the community. The ultimate communication should be the Shire providing what the Narrogin people want. The responses need to be collated showing models of outcomes, with the Shire always prepared to be transparent. Opportunity: Narrogin has an incredible opportunity to seize as a tourist town to move it forward. Approachability: This issue ties into communication, however is a big hurdle for the Shire and its councillors. Many people do not know who to contact to broach issues to the Shire meetings. It is time for the councillors to step up and be ready to actively listen and learn from our community.

2. On the question of leadership, it appears from the “outside” that how the council arrives at a decision is uncertain. Minutes provided on the Shire website illustrate that most decisions are made by a simple majority with no undertaking of questions or deliberations. Narrogin needs the people that work here being paid ratepayers money for their wages, to live here, and put their wages funded by ratepayers back into the town. To do this, the Shire needs to be real about housing stock. Our tourism accommodation is leaned on heavily by housing these types of workers during the working week. We need the tourist accommodation to be just that.

3. People that bring others together and make others lives better are of interest to me, so the ultimate dinner party table would include many, however, I would like to see C.Y. O’Connor for bringing water to so many people in such a dry country, Basil Kickett (local elder), Tracey Moffatt (an Aboriginal artist I studied as part of my honours degree thesis) and another who believes together we can transform this town.

Raylene StoreyRaylene Storey.Camera IconRaylene Storey.

1. The closing of major businesses and departments in the region, for example major services and shopping facilities. No clothing or shoe stores are here. We had Target here and that closed down. Also with me talking with the community, we desperately need these stores. We get a lot of shoppers coming in from farms and other little country towns. No one wants to go to the city. The declining of roads and the infrastructure in the shire. I understand it is a slow process and weather permitting, but I think all who travel and live here would be very grateful to the Shire and Main Roads for this to commence as soon as possible. Support the locals to enable them to remain in the Narrogin community to attract more families to return to live their life here.

2. Yes there is a lack of leadership and transparency between the Shire and the Narrogin Community because of the slow progress of moving forward. As I have been saying all along, we are not in the 1930s, we are in the year 2021.

3. My grandparents Scottie and Verna Ugle (nee Parfitt) are both deceased. They were my heart and soul in my younger years growing up in Narrogin on the outskirts of town on the Trefort’s Hillside Farm, with their support pushing me to go to primary school and then high school which I am so proud of by me completing Year 12. Doug Fairclough (dec), who was also the Mayor of Narrogin then. He was always smiling and saying hello. It made my grandfather’s day when he use to see him and my grandmother downtown.

Tamara AlexanderTamara Alexander.Camera IconTamara Alexander. Credit: Picture:

1. Attracting tourists and new residents to Narrogin, empty shops and activities for youth/young adults.

2. I don’t think there has been a lack of leadership. However, given Narrogin does not have a CRC, the Shire could further its co-ordination role to bring the community together to cross- pollinate ideas and promote events and groups across town and the region. The Shire could co-ordinate effective, targeted marketing and communications campaigns across a range of mediums and look for ways to address volunteer fatigue facing management of many not-for-profit community groups.

3. The Queen, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet, Margaret Thatcher.

Tim WieseTim Wiese.Camera IconTim Wiese.

1. Housing availability. Housing for Shire staff to ensure we can attract and recruit quality employees to the district and also for the families that we anticipate will be moving to town meet the employment needs of the projects that are being developed in the region. New workplace safety legislation. Covers all volunteers which has raised significant concerns for the Shire as the responsible agency for the volunteer bush fire brigades. Shopping local. Retail shops are being presented with numerous challenges at the moment. The Shire cannot be a white knight for these businesses but can play a role in creating a pleasant street frontage and reducing red tape. If you value a local business, support it.

2. The Shire of Narrogin has had excellent leadership and strives to be proactive and responsive.

3. My wife, she’s awesome. Elle Macpherson, why wouldn’t you? Steve Bradbury, love an underdog who never gives up. Mum, she’d probably insist on cooking. Good on you, Mum.

Josh PomykalaJosh Pomykala.Camera IconJosh Pomykala. Credit: Picture: Shire of Narrogin

1. Socioeconomic divide; lack of cross-collaboration between community organisations and services; stagnant economic growth.

2. Many of the issues we face are challenging for any local government to address of their own accord. A collaborative approach is needed between individuals, State and local governments, and various community groups to confront these issues. It also takes the community to foster and support the effectiveness of its leaders, so that issues can be practically addressed through a holistic approach.

3. Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Clive BartronClive Bartron.Camera IconClive Bartron.

1. Councillors deal primarily with long-term strategic issues and therefore by means of a budget process decide our capitally funded priorities over a couple of months before passing the next year’s budget, as we did a month or so ago. So, when you look at that document you will see what we decided as a group and where the priorities should lie. I would have preferred more funds allocated to public art, tree planting and beautification of our streetscapes and natural environments (my three!)

2. I think I would be reticent to think we (the sitting councillors) have shown any “lack of leadership” as I have received few negative comments or feedback about our current direction.

3. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Leon Trotsky, Vanessa Redgrave and Billy Connolly.

Brian SealeBrian Seale.Camera IconBrian Seale.

No response.

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